An agile way of meeting the demands of developing safety critical systems!

What is EchoScrum®? 

  • EchoScrum® binds feature development and safety development
  • There is an Echo after each Call! Functional safety activities respond to a developed feature
  • The EchoScrum® team has the competences for feature development and safety development and is accountable for all sprints
  • Call and the Echo have the same duration (2 weeks)
  • There is one backlog only
  • Consistency checks are performed at the end of each increment, so that compliance can be ensured

The EchoScrum® building pillars 

  • Psychological needs of the team and team members
  • The basic principles of ISO26262 and functional safety
  • The need for fast iterations and shippable increments

Main safety benefits of EchoScrum®

EchoSCRUM® will not only render the specific SCRUM advantages like higher development and speed, but also achieve the following SAFETY objectives: 

  • Systematization of development processes
  • Chain of evidences for certification created “on the fly”
  • Improvement of product safety through safety analyses iterations

EchoScrum® Whitepaper 

If you are interested in EchoScrum® and want to learn more about it, please read the Whitepaper.